Media Coverage

My opinion and analysis have been featured in numerous media:

Aug 2013: Donation form testing & mobile optimizationBlackbaud’s npVOICES podcast.

Nov 2011: Interview with editors of MKCreative Blog on integrated fundraising, MK Creative Blog.

Jan 2010: On-air television interview on “Tech companies try to help Haiti search relief,” with ABC7 News San Francisco.

Jan 2010: On-air television interview on “Bra colors sweep Facebook for cancer awareness,” with ABC7 News San Francisco.

May 2003: E-Commerce Report: Nonprofit groups are slowly learning the benefits — to services and fund-raising — of being wired, by Bob Tedeschi in The New York Times.

May 2003: Microsoft Finds Some Doubters For the Motives Of Its Largesse, by John Markoff in The New York Times.

June 2001: Remote Possibilities: Rather than buy sophisticated software systems, some charities find it pays to lease them via the Internet, by Nicole Wallace in The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

June 2001: (Non)-Profiting from Experience, by Jeffrey Benner in Wired Magazine.

Aug 2001: Hunger Site Seeks Sustenance, by Joanna Glassner in Wired News.

March 2001: Online giving suffers setback with charity conduit’s demise, by John Boudreau in the San Jose Mercury News.

Nov 2000: The ‘Accidental Techies’ of the Nonprofit World Need Help, by John O’Neil, The New York Times.

June 2000: Developing a Presence on the ‘Net: An Interview with Michael Stein, by Ty DePass in The Nonprofit Quarterly.

June 1999: Cyber charity: Net fund raising may be easiest way for donors, by Maura Thurman in the Marin Independent Journal.



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